How is your personal data used for research purposes?

Saint John of God Hospital CLG is a trusted organisation governed by an ethic of privacy and confidentiality. Our research plays a vital role in helping us develop our understanding about health risks and causes to develop new treatment. We will request your consent prior to requesting your participation in a study unless your consent is deemed not necessary under the Health Research Regulations (2018, 2021) or in other exceptional circumstances.

Pre-screening of patients for the purpose of research is common practice, involving reviewing of medical records of patients who have received healthcare services with us. Pre-screening can take place without consent by:

  • A consultant who is privileged to provide services but is not employed by Saint John of God Hospital CLG or a person studying to be a healthcare practitioner under our direction.
  • An employee of Saint John of God Hospital CLG who would ordinarily have access to your personal data in the course of their duties.
  • An ‘authorised person’ (as defined by the Health Research Regulations).

We promote the minimal use of personal data in our health research in accordance with the 2021 Amendments to the Health Research Regulations. To keep your data safe, we implement safeguards to ensure your data will only be accessible for the sole purpose of pre- screening by the persons identified above.

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