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As a healthcare facility, mask wearing remains mandatory in Saint John of God Hospital


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Stress and anxiety is now part and parcel of modern day. Stress can be positive and work to our advantage but when severe and ongoing it can have a profoundly disabling effect on many aspects of people's lives.

Saint John of God Hospital, conscious of this need, opened the Dublin County Stress Clinic for the purpose of providing quality treatment programmes to help people manage pressure and to prevent detrimental effects. The Clinic is located at our hospital in Stillorgan.

Stress is linked to many physical and psychological health problems and in particular affects the person's ability to function both at home and at work. Overall people's sense of enjoyment and quality of life is affected. For and employee it can lead to difficulties in the workplace with health absences and dissatisfaction and can lead to a myriad of human resource and cost implications for the employer.

The early diagnosis of stress and anxiety disorders, along with effective treatment, is key to preventing long-term illness. Research now indicates a positive outcome in the management of stress and anxiety with appropriate help and support. The Dublin County Stress Clinic provides this help and support.