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There are several types of eating disorders, one of the most prevalent and severe is Anorexia Nervosa. If you, or a family member is suffering from this condition we can help. The Eating Disorders programme is devoted specifically to treating people suffering from this psychological disorder. We have a dedicated team, including psychiatrists, psychologist, social worker, nurses, an occupational therapist and an art therapist ready to help. Our service has 20 years of experience behind it. 

Features of the service

Your GP or another doctor can arrange a referral to our service. An initial assessment will be arranged and a programme, that may be in-patient or out-patient depending on your specific needs, will be put in place. The programme is challenging, but we have a lot of experience in helping people with Anorexia Nervosa and we will support you all the way. 

What it costs : If you have private health insurance, it will cover your treatment, depending of course on your cover (call us to check). If you don’t have private health insurance, you will be asked to pay a deposit on admission and regular payments thereafter

For more information on our service or to discuss a referral please contact

Imelda Redmond

Clinical Nurse Specialist 

Tel: 01 277 1492


Dr Maria Romanos

Consultant Psychiatrist

Tel: 01 277 1486

Data Protection Officer

Tel: +353 1639 2958 

E-mail:  DPOHosp@sjog.ie


team-mariaConsultant Psychiatrist in General Psychiatry.

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