Youth Advocacy

Ginesa Suite is delighted to announce the launch of the first Independent Advocacy Service for young people in an inpatient setting in Ireland. The Independent Advocacy Service will be run by Youth Advocate Programme Ireland (YAP).

The aim of this service is to allow young people access an independent advocate, to ensure clarity and understanding of the service provided in Ginesa Suite and to enhance their participation in the service provision.
This service will enhance the voice and participation by service users and parents/carers to ensure ownership and involvement in the decision making in Ginesa Suite. Engagement in the service is voluntary for all young people and their families. Information on Independent Advocacy and how to refer will be provided to all young people and families upon admission. The service will be available 1 day per week.

The Advocate will…

  • Listen to your views and concerns.
  • Help you explore your options and rights.
  • Give you information to make informed decisions.
  • Help you contact relevant people, or contact them for you.
  • Accompany and support you in meetings or appointments.

Link to YAP website for further information

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