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Saint John of God Hospital is an independent acute psychiatric teaching hospital based in South County Dublin.  We offer inpatient and outpatient services to people from all over Ireland.  

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Saint John of God is a charitable organisation that provides  various health, educational and social care services to children, adolescents and adults across Ireland and worldwide.

Our three core pillars of accessibility, responsiveness, and advocacy, are central to everything we do.  We work in partnership with government departments, health and education authorities and other statutory and voluntary bodies.  People who need us are supported to expand their horizons and become agents of change in their own lives, so that they can enjoy the quality of life they deserve, on their own terms.

Our Values


We respect the dignity of each person, to choose how they live and our support and care does not degrade a person’s inherent dignity.


Offering a welcome to those in any kind of need.  Every day we say ‘come in, you are very welcome’ and every day we are inspired by the strength, humanity and hospitality of the people that we work alongside.


The support that we offer is underpinned by the active gift of kindness, caring and a demonstration of being willing to help.

Join our team

As a teaching hospital we are dedicated to realising the full potential of all our staff.  We encourage people to achieve, and we want to inspire a culture of curiosity and promote research within our services.  

We welcome people from Ireland and abroad to join our multidisciplinary team.  If you are interested in joining an organisation that is greatly respected with a strong heritage in mental health care and treatment, check out our current available positions.

Treatment Programmes

We provide assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and care services in accordance with the highest professional standards and always in keeping with the ethos and caring traditions as modelled for us by Saint John of God.
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