About Saint John of God Hospital

Saint John of God Hospital is a service of Saint John of God Hospitaller Services Group. It is an independent acute psychiatric teaching hospital with 180 in-patient beds and is one of the leading European providers in mental health treatment and care.

The Hospital currently provides specialist services in Substance Misuse, Psychotic Disorders, Eating Disorders, Psychiatry of Later Life and Adolescent Disorders. The Hospital is affiliated with University College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin City University and the University of Limerick for undergraduate and postgraduate healthcare professional programmes. An extensive clinical research programme operates throughout the Order’s Mental Health Services.

Saint John of God Hospital retains a leadership role in developing innovative and effective treatment programmes for people suffering from mental health problems. Referrals are accepted nationally and internationally. While providing excellent clinical treatment and care to patients and their families, we are committed to training healthcare professionals and to conducting clinical research designed to enhance treatment programmes to improve outcomes for patients and the overall enhancement of their quality of life.

The Hospital holds a certificate of registration with the Mental Health Commission as an Approved Centre in compliance with the Mental Health Act 2001. We are affiliated with University College Dublin for undergraduate and postgraduate education, Dublin City University for postgraduate education, the Royal College of Psychiatrists and Irish College of Psychiatrists for postgraduate training in psychiatry.

Our ability to innovate and deliver on the promise of best practice is made possible through our team of highly trained, dedicated and committed professionals within our medical, nursing, clinical and support services here at Saint John of God Hospital.

Our Mission

Since its foundation in 1882, the mission of Saint John of God Hospital is to bring healing, care and wholeness to people who have mental illness or psychological and emotional problems.

Assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and care are provided in accordance with the highest professional standards and always in keeping with the ethos and caring traditions as modelled for us by Saint John of God.

Our Values

The values of Saint John of God Hospitaller Services are Hospitality, Compassion and Respect.

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