Inpatient Services

Saint John of God Hospital accepts referrals from around the country and from abroad.  Saint John of God Hospital provides specialist inpatient treatments in Addictions, Psychosis, Mood Disorders, Eating Disorders and Anxiety Disorders. 

Inpatient treatment is delivered through consultant-led integrated multidisciplinary teams including nursing, occupational therapists, psychologists and social workers.   Treatment is delivered in a comfortable, supportive environment with opportunities to enjoy the beautiful hospital grounds and good access to transport links from around the country. 

Inpatient costs are insured by VHI (Voluntary Health Insurance), Laya, Aviva / Irish Life, ESB Medical Provident Fund, Saint Paul’s Garda Medical Aid Society, Prison Officers’ Medical Aid Society and Non-Insured Patients.

The Addictions Programme is a 28-day programme lead by a consultant psychiatrist with multidisciplinary team input.  It is for treatment of alcohol and other addictions.

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Psychiatry of Later Life provides inpatient care for patients sixty five years of age or older with psychiatric illness of all types including, depression, anxiety, psychosis, dementia and cognitive problems. Patients under sixty five years of age whose care is more appropriately provided in later life due to the nature of their illness may also be admitted into later life beds

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This service accepts referrals for patients who have a psychotic illness and who could benefit from inpatient treatment and optimization of medication.

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Mood Disorder Services are delivered by consultant-led multidisciplinary teams.  Patients have access to at least twice weekly consultant review, psychological treatments (one-to-one or group), occupational therapy programmes and nursing supports.

In many cases a person may be presenting with difficulties that are causing them significant distress but where a diagnosis is not clear. If you are unsure as to the diagnosis and believe that an inpatient assessment is justified please fax the Referral Form to 01-277 1455

The hospital offers a full range of post discharge programmes for patients.

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