Our Services

The Eating Disorder Recovery Centre provides a supportive environment that alllows you to address eating disordered behaviours and related issues in a recovery focused manner. Our programmes have been designed to assist you in breaking your dependence on the eating disorder and becoming free of the vicious cycle of behaviours and fears which have taken control of your life.

Our services aim to help you regain your physical and psychological wellbeing and are as follows;

An Intensive Outpatient (Day Patient) group programme
  • A group based programme for one afternoon a week
  • Minimum 8 weeks – Maximum 24 weeks participation.
  • CBT & Art Therapy Groups.
  • Meal Planning, Preparation & Eating Group.
  • Review of Progress Group.
  • Mindfulness Session.
  • A fortnightly Family /Significant Others Support Group.
A twelve week non-residential (Day Hospital) group programme
  • 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) intensive Team & Nursing Support.
  • 5 day group therapy programme as in the residential inpatient group programme.
  • Family / Significant Others Support Group.
  • Individual Family Work.
A twelve week residential (Inpatient) group programme
  • 7 days a week intensive Team & Nursing Support

Therapy groups including :

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Meal planning, preparation and eating
  • Management of body image
  • Exploration of emotions and emotional regulation skills
  • Art Therapy
  • Anxiety & Stress Management.
  • Family /Significant Others Support Group
  • Individual Family Work
An Aftercare Programme

A Weekly Group for one and half hours after discharge from The Inpatient or Day Hospital Programme.

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