Private Health Insurance

The Hospital does not run a walk-in assessment unit. Saint John of God Hospital deals directly with the following insurers:

  • VHI (Voluntary Health Insurance)
  • Laya
  • Aviva / Irish Life Health
  • ESB Medical Provident Fund
  • Saint Paul’s Garda Medical Aid Society
  • Prison Officers’ Medical Aid Society
  • Non-Insured Patients

It is essential that a patient knows their level of insurance cover as all policies vary and they may include certain exclusions or excesses. 

Where there is a shortfall on your policy, you will be required to pay this on admission. An estimate of the cost can be provided to you by the accounts or admissions office at 01-277 1400.

Saint John of God Hospital

Tel: 01 2771400
Fax: 01 2881034

Admissions Office

Tel: 01 2771450
Fax: 01 2771455

Psychology Services

Tel: 01 2771440
Fax: 01 2885107

Adolescent Assessments

Tel: 01 2771544
Fax: 01 2771637

Data Protection Officer

Tel:  01 6392958

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