Inpatient Information

On Arrival

On arrival, you will be met by a member of staff from the Admissions Office who will help you to complete the necessary admission forms and who will take brief notes of your medical history.  You will then be taken to the ward where you will meet nursing staff and be examined by a doctor.

What you will require

Comfortable, casual clothing, fire resistant night wear and toiletries including towels. You are requested not to bring electric blankets, kettles, irons or hot-water bottles.


For inpatient admissions, we kindly request that you do not park for your length of stay.  Parking Rate: €25 per day.

Safe keeping

Valuables, such as expensive jewellery and large sums of money should be returned to your home or immediately deposited in the Hospital’s Cash Office, for safe-keeping.The Hospital is not responsible for items kept in patients’ rooms. Portable TV sets are not allowed in certain wards – please check with the nursing staff. Alcoholic beverages and any drugs obtained outside the Hospital are strictly prohibited.


Prescription drugs brought into the Hospital will be held by the Pharmacy for a period of seven days after which they will be destroyed. Relatives are requested to remove or reclaim such drugs during this time.


The Hospital has a variety of accommodation which is allocated by the Clinical Team.

Your Clinical Team

You will be under the care of a Consultant Psychiatrist and a Clinical Team comprised of a medical registrar, a nurse, a psychologist, a social worker and an occupational therapist.  Your primary nurse, or the nurse on duty on your ward, will assist if you need to contact any member of the Team.

Transfers between wards

During your time at the Hospital, your team, in consultation with you, may transfer you to another ward as part of your treatment.


The Hospital is committed to respecting your privacy and we will do everything we can to ensure this is achieved. In the interests of privacy of others, socialising in other patients rooms is discouraged.


Saint John of God Hospital provides a service to and takes referrals from the country as a whole and provides an inpatient facility for the Community Psychiatric Service for South East Dublin based at Cluain Mhuire, Newtown Park Avenue, Blackrock.

Important Notice – please read carefully:

It is essential that a patient knows their level of insurance cover as all policies vary. Some policies may pay 100% of the costs; others may only pay a percentage, resulting in the patient / policy-holder incurring a significant payment upfront. Where there is a shortfall on the policy, you will be required to pay this on admission. Your insurance company can provide details on the level of cover provided in the policy.

Saint John of God Hospital deals directly with the following private health insurers:

  • VHI (Voluntary Health Insurance)
  • Laya
  • Aviva / Irish Life Health
  • ESB Medical Provident Fund
  • Saint Paul’s Garda Medical Aid Society
  • Prison Officers’ Medical Aid Society
  • Non-Insured Patients

The Hospital does not run a walk-in assessment unit.

Cost of Admission / Payment Method

An estimate of the cost of your admission can be provided to you by the Accounts or Admissions Office at 01-2771400

Payment can be made in three ways:

  1. Private Health Insurance – see list of providers below
  2. Non-insured patient of the Cluain Mhuire Community Mental Health Service
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