How is your personal data used for Retrospective Chart Reviews?

We use Chart Review studies to facilitate the efficient collection of clinical, safety and healthcare data.

We may collect your consent to carry out such research. However, it is possible for us to use your personal data in Chart Reviews without obtaining your consent where:

  • A Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) has been carried out by the researcher and indicates that your privacy is not at risk.
  • The study has been approved by a Research Ethics Committee.

Chart Reviews will be carried out by:

  • A consultant who is privileged to provide services but is not employed by Saint John of God Hospital CLG or a person studying to be a healthcare practitioner under our direction.
  • An employee of Saint John of God Hospital CLG who would ordinarily have access to your personal data in the course of their duties.
  • An ‘authorised person’ as defined by the Health Research Regulations.

To ensure your data protection and privacy rights are protected:  

  • Any personal data to be used by Saint John of God Hospital CLG for the purpose of the study will not be disclosed to any third parties. Any findings from such a study that are published will not identify an individual whose data was used in the study.
  • Prior to commencing the study, the research proposal will be reviewed and approved by the Research Ethics Committee.
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